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Infinite Optics Total Quality Management Statements

Infinite Optics Statement of Company Commitment to a Total Quality Management System

At Infinite Optics, we believe that total quality involves every single employee, and that quality flows from the focused effort of the organization as a team. No quality system can ever be complete. A quality system is a dynamic living process that is constantly evolving. The organization’s effort should always be directed toward ongoing improvement and minimized communication.

At the same time, a Total Quality Management System is an established set of procedures and methods. The QA method is a document that captures the methods and procedures by which the company organizes itself in the pursuit of quality performance.

In the end, quality performance, and the company’s performance are a reflection of the employees, and how committed they are to Total Quality Management.

At Infinite Optics, our goal is to serve our customer’s needs by organizing ourselves so that continuing improvement never ceases.

Maximizing communication must always be our mission statement, internal to the company, and external to our customers and vendors.

We must never forget if we make quality and excellence our primary purpose, success will be assured.